• Shopify E-Commerce Website

YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE is a wildly popular brand of cosmetics that continues to expand it's fan base. The team at YTTP needed a more robust development partner in order to expand the functionality of their website, as well as add new products to their Shopify e-Commerce service. YTTP approached NSS about helping them with their growth challenges online.

Solution - NSS took over the software development and website admin for YTTP's online presence. We updated their theme, made it much more responsive to multiple screen sizes. Optimized the mobile loading and made the backend easier to review and edit content.

Results - The YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE brand has never been stronger and continues to grow. Their website is easy for their consumers to navigate, purchase and review the products. The backend is also much easier for the team to update their content. NSS continues to manage and enhance the YTTP Shopify website.

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