Portuguese Historical Museum Details

  • A modern touchscreen application and cloud based CMS

The Portuguese Historical Museum has moved into the digital era with an archiving and touch interactive presentation solution built for them by NSS. They wanted a beautiful yet easy to use touchscreen application and CMS platform that allowed their visitors to view all types of content such as Images, Video, Text and Audio.

Solution - NSS designed and created a cloud based solution for them with a colocated server to handle the higher local network speed needed for large file size and bandwidth content like video and audio. The CMS platform allows them to manage their own information and add and edit content at will.

Results - The Portuguese Historical Museum has been able to move much of their content to the cloud allowing for it to be viewed by the visiting public and also safe and backed up in the cloud. The digital touchscreen adds a forward looking feel to the museum and definitely fits right in with San Jose's tech centric museums.


Touchscreen, Flex, Hardware Architecture, Network Architecture, CMS, Design

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