Objectives Management WebApp Details

Software development company Atlas Solutions approached NSS to help create a new application. Atlas' Objectives is a WebApp which links managers, team leaders and individuals together to help drive collaboration, productivity and personal performance. With the product concept in place, NSS partnered with Atlas Solutions to bring their flagship product to market.

Solution - In order to meet the launch date and to better explore potential product variants, a RAD (rapid application development) methodology quickly brought operational prototypes to beta users for testing. Through this iterative process the application reached its first public release version, with credentialed user accounts, upgrade opportunities, team management, email notifications, time-based scheduling, and clear feedback mechanisms throughout. Additionally, the architecture and UX were developed to allow the addition/removal of these features to create versions of the product geared to specific customer segments.

Results - Atlas Objectives has been successfully rolled out to multiple enterprise customers. Monthly on-boarding for new departments and team members has continued since the app's launch, with several customers preparing to implement across their entire organization. The daily use of the Objectives WebApp has caused a positive shift in employees' engagement with company and team goals; collaboration and focus on strategy has become an important part of the daily conversation.


Web Application Development
Database Development
UI/UX Design

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