CHCP Touchscreen Timeline Details

  • A virtual timeline showing Chinese American history

The Chinese Historical Cultural Project in San Jose, CA was running out of space in their museum for a physical timeline of events spanning from 1850 to present. They needed a virtual timeline that could grow well into the 21st century.

Solution - We leveraged our in-house touchscreen technology and UI/UX knowhow to create a scrolling touchscreen that would allow visitors to swipe through the decades and tap on different regions to view timeline items that happened during specific years in China, San Jose or the United States. This touchscreen is fully driven by cloud data. The items in the timeline are edited in a cloud CMS system and the touchscreen pulls down the updates and stores them locally until the next update.

Results - The new timeline is running on a 55" screen elegantly installed in the museum by our installation and cabinet making team. It looks like it was always there in the museum. CHCP is very happy that they have full control over the current and future content for years to come. They now have all the space they need.


Touchscreen Integration
UI/UX Design
Flex Programming
Content Management System (CMS)
Cloud Pull Updates

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