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  • Magento E-Commerce Solution

Eva's Esthetics has been utilizing a Magento e-commerce platform for quite a few of their sales sites. They needed some help with adding new features, getting their website to work better on mobile devices (RWD) and also some help cleaning up their back end admin site.

Solution - NSS came in and with their extensive knowledge of Magento, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PHP, e-commerce and SQL databases was able to pick up where their last developers left them and fix all of their initial issues. NSS has since been their goto solution for all things Magento.

Results - The site is now much smoother running. The mobile version of the site is much more visually pleasing and easier to use. All the Magento functionality works as it is supposed to. Eva's is happy using their system again.


Magento Admin, Magento Coding, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

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