GRW Equipment Inc Details

  • A tech-savvy provider of utility-related products and services

GRW Equipment requested an overhaul of their company website identity to accompany the launch of their e-commerce webApp QuickSupply – reframing their company as a modern, tech-savvy provider of utility-related products and services.

Solution – A striking visual identity was developed for GRW to help set them apart from their competitors. A new logo, modern type and design elements combined with industry-specific imagery and crafted value statements to better connect with their audience. Each page's SEO-rich content was designed to not only communicate company values and services, but to help drive traffic to the newly-released QuickSupply e-commerce webApp.

Results – Feedback from GRW (and their customers) has been fantastic. The new website has helped to dramatically improve customer's perception of the company as leaders in their industry. Click-through traffic has increased through out the website, netting an increased number of potential customer contacts and increased visits to the QuickSupply sign-up page.


Website Design
UI/UX Design
Corporate Branding
Content Management System

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