Showroom Touchscreen App Details

  • A touchscreen interface as an informational tool in an automobile showroom

The Mercedes Benz Showroom App was built as a proof-of-concept to demonstrate the advanced capabilities of a touchscreen interface as an informational tool in an automobile showroom.

SOLUTION - NSS developed a clean, modern User Interface (based on Mercedes' corporate website) which unified their visual brand identity across all digital platforms. User flow and experience is designed to help guide prospective buyers to the most relevant information in order to make an informed purchase decision. The App also serves as a platform for collecting customer data such as contact information and car preferences. The App is optimized for use across multiple platforms, including large touchscreens and personal tablets.

RESULTS - The Showroom App is a great resource for generating new business from companies wishing nto bring their online presence to large venues such as trade show events. Working with these companies, NSS has successfully leveraged touchscreen technology to increase brand awareness, share important information, and collect valuable customer data.


Touch Screen Application
Graphic Design
UI/UX Design
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